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"Well, there's no sense complaining. You're going to fall asleep the minute your head hits the mattress, we both know it."

Lauren grunts in protest, kicking her legs and whining. "Enh!"

"Mmhmm. I'm sure." Juliet smooths her hand over Lauren's hair and finishes doing up her pajama onesie. Pulling the babe into her arms, she bounces her soothingly until Lauren's head is bobbing onto her shoulder tiredly. Juliet grins and puts her into her crib, and sure enough, Lauren is asleep within seconds, her fist stuffed not-so-gracefully into her mouth.

Juliet pokes her head into the room of each sleeping girl, chuckling at April's butt sticking up in the air, her face pressed in the mattress - nothing new there - and Clementine sleeping with a book open right on her face. Juliet flicks off the light beside her bed and places a bookmark in the book, setting it on the nightstand, before leaving the room and heading downstairs.

The clink of plates and silverware lead her to the kitchen, and when she gets there her smile grows wider. Humming softly, she kisses James' back, right between the planes of his shoulders.

"I said I'd be back to help with the dishes, you know."

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James has his sleeves rolled up, and when he feels the kiss to his back he smiles softly and shrugs a little. "Yeah. But I figured I might as well work on 'em. Kids go down okay?"

He tries to look at her over his shoulder before turning back to the skillet he's scrubbing.
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James smiles lazily when she starts trying, and he glances over at her. Today. Clem made me promise I wouldn't look at it 'til after she went to bed so it's on the counter. Dunno why," he says with a little shrug.
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That makes him blink a little, and he turns to face her, drying his hands and walking over to take the paper out of her hands. "How the hell do you fail P.E.? I mean it's just runnin' around, right? And she's healthy, runs around here all the time."
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"And why the hell wouldn't someone call us or do a parent teacher conference or somethin'?"

He sighs and runs a hand through his hair, leaning against the kitchen counter as he looks at Juliet. "Think it's 'cause she don't feel like she's good enough at sports?"
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"Maybe," he says. "I ain't got the best advice on bein' sociable, though."

He puts the paper down and looks at Juliet. "So we gotta talk to her about it in the mornin'."
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James runs a hand over his face, running his hand over the stubble on his chin that has hints and flecks of gray. "Yeah. Any ideas?"

Then, he thinks of something and looks at Juliet like a light bulb's going off.

"You think maybe she's readin' instead?"
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James smirks and leans back a little, sighing softly. "Me either. But I say we just leave her be tonight."

He turns around and puts his hands on Juliet's hips. "So. Any ideas on how to talk to her about it?"
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"Think that's a good idea," he agrees with her, kissing the top of her head.

"And I ain't got a clue. Do all kids go through a shy phase?"
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"Nah," he says, shaking his head slowly, but then he frowns a little too. "I mean...we ain't puttin' too much responsibility on her, right? We never ask her to do the things she does, she just likes takin' care of people. I wouldn't even know how to ask her to stop or scale back."
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"What? No, Juliet, I don't." His hands move to her shoulders while he holds her gaze.

"Ye ain't ever asked her to do somethin' that takes her away from bein' a kid," he reassures her.
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James is quiet for a second. "She likes bein' by herself. Maybe that ain't the best thing, but...I dunno, do we force to go on play dates or somethin'?"
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"Thing about Clem is, I feel like she'd tell us if she wanted to have friends over. That's just how she is. I mean hell, we'd know she was unhappy 'cause she'd be cryin'."

It's not that he's trying to point out a fault, but Clem is sensitive, and they all know it.
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"I think we just make sure she's happy, and tell just because it ain't what she wants to do, doesn't mean she can not participate at school. She's still gotta do P.E."
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James laughs. "Blondie, you and me both. 'Cept someone put a kid in front of me and I woulda ran away. Hell, I did," he says, a little of the humor edging out of this voice.

"Glad you're here though. And I wouldn't trade this. None of it."
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"..What happened to my jersey?" he asks as he takes a step back to eye her.